Friday, August 16, 2013

Via Tevere Pizzeria

If your looking for authentic Italian pizza, this is it! Its a hidden gem in a quite random location. Its on Victoria and William St. (In Vancouver). Its on a residential street, so its the only restaurant around. I always drive by this place and I always say I want to try it. Well I finally did. I went for one of my best friends birthdays and we all loved it. The food was amazing, and the restaurant is really cute. There was a bit of a long wait to get a table but it was worth it.

I got Quattro Formaggi, It was phenom! We also got  Friturra Napoletana for an appetizer which was little samples of deep fried risotto, mash potatoes, mini pizza served with a side of marinara sauce. We really wanted to try Graffe with Nuttela cause a friend recommended it but it was sold out, apparently it sells out every night and you have to order it right when you get there. Instead we got the Tiramisu which is my favorite dessert.

Good times with good friends. 

Top- H&M
Necklace - Forever 21

Lip color I'm wearing is Addis Ababa by NYX, I blogged about it in an earlier post.

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