Monday, September 30, 2013

Hair Routine

Hello everyone, here's a quick post on my current favorite hair products. There's a few new ones as well as ones that I've been using forever. I'll start off by telling you my steps.

1. Nioxin Shampoo+Conditioner - I got mine in #3 which is designed for normal to thin chemically treated hair. I just started using this about a month ago and so far I'm loving it. Nioxin hair products promote longer and thicker hair. These products are recommended for people with thin hair or people experiencing hair loss, but they also do work great on normal hair or people that want thicker hair! It comes in a 3 step system. First step is shampoo (cleanser), it helps remove follicle clogging and also cleanses for thicker looking hair. Step 2 is conditioner, its lightweight and helps with moisture balance. So what I noticed after I got out of the shower was that my head felt weird. I had a tingling sensation on my scalp, but dont worry! Thats the feeling of the product stimulating the circulation on your scalp. The sensation goes away after a few minutes. Overall I have noticed my hair is starting to look thicker and longer! You can purchase this at many hair salons, the beauty supply store and I've also seen it at Winners.

Lilly Ghalichi blogs about Nioxin Click Here

2. Nioxin Scalp Treatment - This is the last step in the 3 step system. I spray this on my scalp after I shower. Make sure your hair is still damp. To tell you the truth I'm not sure if this step is completely necessary. I bought it just because it's the 3rd step and really want my hair to grow. Right now I'm seeing results. I'm not sure if its from the shampoo and conditioner or if its from all 3 steps. I'm going to continue using this just in case.

3. Moroccan Oil Treatment- It's an oil that helps repair and strenghten your hair. For application I apply from mid length and down. I apply a little when my hair is damp and also when it's dry. It gives moisture to my ends and prevents it from feeling brittle. Love this! Moroccan oil products can be purchased at the beauty supply store or hair salons.

4. Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Masque - This is a deep conditioning treatment. I use it once a week. I apply all over my hair and let it sit for about 10 minutes. It leaves my hair feeling so soft. I recommend a deep conditioning treatment for people that dye their hair or have damaged hair.

5. Moroccan Oil Hairspray - I'm not huge on hairspray, I hate when they leave your hair so hard and crunchy. I haven't tried that many, this one works great for me and it smells amazing.

That pretty much sums up my current hair routine. If you have any suggestions on products I should try please leave me a comment :)

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  1. I love the Moroccan Oil Hairspray. It def leaves my hair managable without the crunch...


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