Thursday, October 31, 2013

Too Faced: A few of my favorite things

So right now at Sephora they have some amazing value sets. I want to get them all! They are such good deals! I highly recommend you go check them out before they sell out. The one I bought is by Too Faced and is called "A few of my favorite things". I paid $64 for it and its valued at $496!! You can not go wrong. I absolutely love it.

"A few of my favorite things" includes:
  • 20 eyeshadows- they are super pigmented and there's a good selection of colors.
  • 2 blushes in shades- Raindrops on Roses and Melt into Spring.
  • 2 bronzers in shades- Chocolate Soleil and Sun Bunny
  • Better than Sex Mascara - deluxe size. 
  • Lip Injection Color Bomb - in color Bee Sting.
  • Zip-up pink and gold makeup bag.

To purchase this product Click Here

Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday Festivities

Hello everyone, I don't normally go out, but since this weekend was my 24th birthday and Halloween, we decided to go to Celebrities. I had such an awesome night and was so happy I got to celebrate it with my closest friends. Here are some photos to sum up the night. Sorry the quality isn't the greatest.

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
Freddy Krueger- Makeup done by me

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Makeup Part 2

Hi guys, if you've read my previous posts you know these past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with Halloween makeup. With Halloween and my birthday coming up this week, I don’t know if I’ll be doing any more experimenting. I hope this post covers some of the requests you left me. Please do stay tuned for my last Halloween post, you can see what I decide dress up as, as well as some makeup I’m doing on some of my friends. With the month of October quickly coming to an end, I will have lots of beauty and fashion posts coming soon!

Stretched lips

Comic Zombie

Pop Art

Zipper Makeup

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Sweaters

Out of all the seasons, Fall fashion is definitely my favourite! You can layer up, wear big scarfs and of course big comfy sweaters. These two looks are pretty simple yet look very well put together. They are also super affordable. The first sweater is a a long aztec wool sweater. I wore it with a plain cami underneath and leggings. In the second look I added a belt to the sweater to dress it up a bit. That sweater has a black and white pattern and this fall black and white is really in! Hope you all enjoy this post :)

Outfit Details
Sweater - Forever 21
Leggings - Brandi Melville
Wedge booties - Pimkie 
Purse - H&M

Outfit Details
Sweater - Forever 21 
Belt - Forever 21
Leggings - Brandi Melville
Combat boots - Steve Madden

Photo Credit: Cathy Cameron

Friday, October 18, 2013

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Do you need to get rid of horrible eye circles or redness around your eyes? Well this stuff is amazing! I've been using the MAC pro longwear concealer for a long time now and I definitely recommend it. I got mine in shade NW25. With concealers you should usually go 1-3 shades lighter so it brightens up the area and you dont look like your dying. As you can see in the before photo thats what it looks like. You can really see a difference it covers all the redness under my eyes and also around my nose. It makes you look flawless! This concealer is formulated not to crease and I find it doesnt compared to the other concealers I've tried.

For application what I do is apply 1 pump and distribute it between my two under eyes and nose area. I make a triangle shape and then pat it in with my beauty blender. To set my concealer I then apply my banana power in those areas and pat it in.

Before & After 

If your wanting to purchase this product you can buy it at any MAC locations or even order it online. Click Here Its $23 CAN and I think its definitely worth the price. If you don't know your shade they can help you pick out a shade there!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Room Inspiration

These are photos I found online. I'm so obsessed with how these rooms look. My goal is to make my room look like this one day. Hope you enjoy :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo Foundation

Hello! Since I'm obsessed with makeup I couldn't resist not having this in my collection. I had heard so much about it all over the internet and from friends.. so I caved. Kat Von D has a lot of tattoos, so her foundation is made to promote full coverage. Well let me tell you it definitely is full coverage! If you apply it on half of your face and compare it with the other half you will see a huge difference! Alright so let me tell you the pros and cons. This foundation is long wearing, it lasts all day, packaged with a pump (which I love), its very pigmented and a little goes a long way. What I disliked/noticed was that if you apply too much It can make it look cakey. So start with a little and add more if you need it. Also, I would categorize my skin type as combination. My skin is pretty normal except my chin tends to be a bit drier than the rest of my face, and in that spot I noticed the foundation a lot more than the rest of my face. So what I'm thinking is that since the foundation is so thick, if you have dry skin you might not like it as much. What I would recommend is before you apply the foundation, you apply a good moisturizer and primer. That will keep your face hydrated and make the foundation look better. Overall I do like this product but in my opinion I would probably wear this if I was going out and wanted my foundation to last all night and something more lightweight in the day. I got mine in shade medium 53 and purchased it at Sephora Click Here 

I swatched the inner part of my arm. You can see the difference where my vein is.

If you don't know what shade to get, Sephora has a new program called color IQ. They will go over your skin with a machine and that will match your foundation in every brand they have.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone, sorry I took so long to upload this post. This is my step by step Sugar Skull makeup tutorial. I did this on myself the other day but I didn't take pics of the process so I did it again and used a friend of mine as a model. If you want to see the one I did on myself go to my Halloween makeup post.

1. Start with a white base. I used my Ben Nye white color cream and applied it all over the face with a sponge.

2. Apply whatever color your using as your accent color and apply all over the lid of your eyes with a brush. I used a Makeup Forever red eye shadow. After do an outline around the eyes in black. 

3. Fill in the black around the eyes. I used a black cream by Ben Nye.

4. Do an thick outline in your Accent color (red) around the black eye. And then black little circles around the red. I used a brush to draw this on.

5. Now that your done with the eyes. Fill in the nose with black.

6. Find your bone structure and draw the line around that area, then fill it in with black. This adds depth and makes it look like its sunken in.

7. Now you can add detail. On the forehead a drew a spider web, on the lips I drew fine lines to make it appear like teeth and on the chin i drew 3 diamond like shapes. You can do whatever designs in those areas. Use a fine brush to draw these on.

8. This last step is optional. I added red and gold sequins around the eyes and also on the chin and the tip of the spider web. I stuck these on with eyelash glue, you can also use spirit gum. 

I hope you found this makeup tutorial helpful. If you want to see more step by step Halloween tutorials, let me know. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Makeup

Hey guys, so since its October I thought I would experiment by doing some halloween makeup.  I haven't done any halloween/special effect makeup in years, so I'm quite rusty! After this past week of trying out these looks I realized how much fun it was! I have lots of more ideas of things I might try, so if you enjoy this post or have some ideas on something you want to see me do, let me know!

Rag doll Inspired Makeup

Batman Inspired Lips

Not sure exactly what this is. Thought it looked cool.

Sugar Skulled Makeup. Im going to have a step by step tutorial on this look hopefully sometime this week.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector

L'Oreal Paris recently came out with a new youth code line called Texture Perfector. These products are designed to diminish fine lines, improve uneven skin tones and diminish the appearance of pores. I got the Serum Concentrate and the Day/Night Cream. I'll tell you a little about them. I've been using them for about 3 weeks now and I really like them! The Serum is lightweight and has a velvety feel. It immediately makes my skin feel smooth. I like to apply the serum in the areas I mostly want to see results for, like under my eyes, around my nose and spots I find look uneven. I've noticed my skin looks a lot better and the dark spots have disappeared. Don't expect to see results after one time use. With facial products I find that after 2-3 weeks that when I start seeing results. What is a Serum exactly? They are concentrated formulas that focus on specific problems. Serums penetrate the deep layers of skin, while moisturizers work for the outer layer of the skin.
"Think of it this way: Moisturizers are your clothes while serums are your foundational garments. I definitely don’t leave the house without my foundational garments!"
On another note, the serum smells amazing and the packaging is pink, so I automatically love it! On to the Day/Night cream, I use this as my everyday moisturizer. I apply this after my serum. It keeps my skin hydrated all day. The only thing I dislike about this is how it is packaged. I wish it came in a bottle with a pump like the serum does. Whenever I go get product from the container, the cream gets stuck in my nails. I guess that's what I get for having long nails.

(left:Serum. Right: Day/Night Cream)

L'Oreal products can be purchased at your local drugstores. I bought mine at Shoppers Drug Mart. They are usually $30 each but I got mine for $20 each because they were on sale!
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