Monday, November 4, 2013

My Must Have Hair Tools

These are my hair tools I use on a regular basis. I have other tools I use for other specific hair styles, but I would say these 3 get the general job done.

Paddle Brush
The one I have is by Moroccan Oil. I purchased it at the beauty supply store - Modern. I think I paid around $10. To shop at this store you need to have a makeup or hairdressing license. If you don't have one they also sell these products at hair salons. Only thing is it will probably be a bit pricier. The paddle brush is a flat shape brush. Now let me tell you about its features.

  • Flat shape is perfect for creating straight, smooth styles. 
  • Ions in bristles repel water causing them to evaporate quickly, enhancing drying time. 
  • Ceramic retains heat better, enhancing drying time. 
  • Ceramic loses and gains heat less rapidly than metal so the temperature of the brush is more constant. 
  • Strong and durable last 2 times longer than average brush. 
Wide Tooth Comb
The one I'm using is by Cricket, I bought it at Cosmoprof Beauty supply for about $3. The price is great price and I love how it works. I use this comb after I get out of the shower and my hair is still wet. It easily detangles without causing split ends, breakage or damage.

Teasing Brush
The teasing brush I have is by Dannyco. I also bought this from Cosmoprof beauty supply for about $5. I use this to tease the top of my hair so it doesn't look flat. This brush is made out of wood and has boar bristles. Boar bristles leave the hair smooth and shiny. Excellent for creating up-dos. It has a Slim design with a pointed sectioning tail.

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