Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Cakepops!

My boyfriend helped me decorate lol

So this Christmas I decided I wanted to make Cakepops.. atleast attempt to try. If you don't know what a cakepop is, its pretty much a cake in a shape of a ball. Its then covered in chocolate then decorated however you want.  Alright so first off I want to let you guys know I've never baked in my life... or cooked. Opps! 

I decided to make a batch of chocolate and a batch of vanilla. Im not going to get into full details on how to make it, if you do want to know leave me a comment. I found that it was pretty easy to make, except it was very time consuming. I broke it up into 3 days, or else it would've taken me the whole entire day. The most difficult part I would say was dipping the chocolate. After the long process of making them.. I want to let you know they turned out delicious! Everyone that got to try them loved them. Hopefully next time I make them the decorating part turns out better.

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