Monday, December 16, 2013

Model In A Bottle

So I bought this online from FTB Beauty Click Here. Its a Canadian online retailer that carries a lot of the american beauty products that we cant get here in Canada. So if your Canadian this website is awesome! I believe I paid $20 for the bottle. You can also purchase this directly from their website Click Here. I had heard so many Youtubers rant and rave about this product so I obviously had to get it.

My thoughts..
So this is a makeup setting spray used after you've applied all your makeup. The product works great and my makeup stays intact all day. It gives my skins a flawless finish and smells like perfume. So if you don't like fragrance, this is not the product for you. I personally love the smell. Downside is that this is an alcohol based product so if you have dry skin, I don't recommend it because alcohol based products usually make the skin more dry. Another downside is that it sprays very large droplets. I find that if your not as far as possible from your face, its like being sprayed in the face with a water gun.

Would I repurchase?
I know they recently changed their packaging, unfortunately they didn't fix the spray well enough. For this reason I probably would not repurchase. Hopefully they can work on the packaging again because I find the formula works great.

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