Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wild Rose Cleanse

I always hear about people doing cleanses and saying how amazing they feel after.  Well I decided to finally try one out myself. The one I chose is called Wild Rose. Its a 12 day detox thats suppose to cleanse your insides and enhance metabolism. You take 6 pills and 40 drops at breakfast and then again at dinner. I bought this cleanse from a health store for $30.

Let me tell you about my experience.. First off let me start by saying I normally eat horribly. I eat pizza, poutine, ice cream.. you name it! So this cleanse for me was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. 12 days felt like an eternity. While on this cleanse you are NOT allowed to have flour, dairy, sugar, alcohol.. pretty much anything good. When you purchase the cleanse they give you a list of everything your allowed and not allowed to have. Planning and prepping your meals is a must if you are going to do this cleanse, its so hard to find healthy food when you are out or if you don't have the ingredients at home.

The first 3 days for me were the absolute worst, I was craving everything. I felt hungry all day, everyday even after eating all the recommended foods. Luckily for me I didn't experience any sickness. I know a lot of people feel sick or have to stay close to the bathroom. I felt totally normal besides the fact that I wanted to eat everything in sight. I was even working out about 4 times a week while on this cleanse. For the 12 days I pretty much lived off chicken, quinoa, brown rice and vegetables. One day I decided to make chicken fajitas and that was one of the best meals I was allowed to have. Make sure to use corn tortillas if you decide to have it. The good thing about the eating part is that as long as its on the recommended list your allowed to have as much as you want of it. The first 2 days after finishing my cleanse and going back to regular food I noticed I got full much faster. I had a sandwich the first day back and was full for the entire day! Oh ya I forgot one thing the pills and drops taste horrible!

My results and thoughts..
People say they feel amazing after this cleanse. In my honest opinion I felt exactly the same as before. I weighed myself before and after and I stayed at the same weight. I didn't notice much of a physical difference either. This is just what I noticed on myself, I know everyones body is different and it works differently on other people. I have a friend that lost 10 lbs after doing this cleanse. So I guess it just depends. Hopefully it cleaned my insides of all the horrible food I'm use to eating.

If you have done this cleanse let me know your results by leaving me a comment.

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