Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Recent Beauty Purchases

This obsession with makeup is a real addiction! The fact that I work a block away from Sephora and MAC doesn't help. Its so weird.. I cant justify spending $50 on a top, but when I go into Sephora I can spend $50 on a highlighter with no hesitation. Makes no sense lol.
 Alright..over the past month and a half these are some of the products I've added to my collection. I'll be doing a few reviews on the products you want to hear about. So leave me a comment if there's something your interested in.

Becca Highlighter - Opal - The holy grail of highlighters. If you watch youtube videos you know this is a bit of a craze right now.
Benefit  Blush - Coralista 
Babyskin Primer
F40 & P88 Sigma Brushes - If you haven't already tried Sigma, go out and get them! The quality is like MAC if not better. They are half the price too which is a major bonus.
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Contour Kit
La Vanila - Healthy Deodorant 
NYX HD Consealer - NYX is probably one of my favorite drugstore brands!
See by Chloe Rollerball - Just picked this up today. I'll see how much a like if before I go buy the big bottle.

So these were all my recent purchases. I'd love to hear your recent purchases or must haves, so I can try them! I'll try and have my Brasil post up hopefully by next week! I just have so many pics to go through. anyways.. thanks for reading!

PS. Who's going to IMATS Vancouver this week?? I Cant wait. :)



  1. My girlfriend bought me the Becca highlighter for my birthday and it's freaking amazing!!!

    1. I'm so happy I got it because its been sold out at Sephora ever since!


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