Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Saw Jigsaw Halloween Makeup

Hey guys, so I meant to upload this before I left to New York but I had absolutely no time. I actually rushed through this makeup right before my flight so its not as good as I would've liked it to be. This month has been very busy for me and I've had no time so play around and do any Halloween makeup. I just got back from NYC last night so i'll get a post up on that this week. I cant wait to show you and tell you all about my trip.

So the makeup I did was the SAW jigsaw makeup. I did this super quick and took me about 20 minutes. I'm sure you can do it much better if you take your time. Here is a step by step tutorial on what I did. Hope you enjoy!

1. Blocked out the eyebrows using Ben Nye Nose and scar wax.

2. Painted my face white using Ben Nye MagiCake Aqua Paint.

3. Shaded under my cheekbones to create the effect of them popping out more. Used eye shadow.

4. Added red lips then outlined them with black eye liner. Also drew 2 lines to create the effect of it looking like a ventriloquist. 

5. Smudged black eye shadow around the eyes.

6. Added the red swirls on the cheeks using a red lip liner.

7. Finally add a black wig, or do something cool with you hair. My hair is currently ombre so that wouldn't match.


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